Imagine Foundation | Introducing social exchange into a crowded marketplace
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Introducing social exchange into a crowded marketplace

Taking philanthropy, community involvement and corporate social responsibility to the next level via a single inclusive platform.

In today’s day and age, there is no excuse for the massive disconnect that exists between Charities, their supporters and the Corporations that support community causes. Yet, this gap exists – and even appears to be widening.

Imagine Foundation (IF) is changing the status quo by introducing sustainable fundraising streams that create direct and ongoing connections between individuals, Corporates and Causes. Some have coined this the triple bottom line. It is measurable, sustainable and above all makes a difference for all concerned.

IF delivers a proactive platform that takes the notion of ‘crowdfunding’ to the next level.

IF enables individuals to donate their unused loyalty points and air miles (or simply cash) to the Causes of their choice and to establish ongoing, meaningful relationships with those Causes.

At the same time, socially responsible organisations can inspire their communities, customers and employees to give back in a meaningful way to the Causes of their choice and thereby improve retention while doing so.

What makes Imagine Foundation different is that it allows mindful individuals to donate their unused loyalty or rewards points or even cash – directly to the Causes of their choice and to follow the journey of their donation. Though IF’s strategic agreement with crowdfunding for charity specialists, everydayhero, fundraising has entered a new era. With over 2500 charities on board and over $100 million donated annually, a new marketing powerhouse has arrived on the scene – bridging the corporate with the not-for-profit sector.

More and more people are becoming aware of the challenges faced by their fellow human beings, and charities need to ‘get real’, to realise that ‘GenY’ is seeking a tangible connection with the Causes they are passionate about. And with the social media tools now available there is simply no excuse not to deliver on this basic requirement and more.

Gone are the days when charities could hold on to their supporters and their dollars by throwing them a toaster, a magazine subscription or coffee machine. Ironically, in an age of screen-to-screen connectivity, GenY wants real, actual ongoing connections with the Causes it is passionate about. . Ignore this, and the ‘Google generation’ may just pass your Cause by!

Imagine Foundation is making this possible by acting as a conduit between Causes, communities and corporates.

IF’s model equally presents a unique opportunity for Corporates to use fundraising as a tool to retain and engage customers and employees and in turn build their social responsibility profiles, ultimately leading to increased profits.

Whether you’re a business, charity or simply a good citizen, there’s now a new way to make a real difference. And it can be measured just as readily by the Causes that are supported as by the impact on the balance sheets of those that get on board.

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