Imagine Foundation | Being Charitable Can Be Good Business!
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Being Charitable Can Be Good Business!

Taking ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ to the next level.

A key challenge for businesses is retaining and growing their existing custom whilst at the same time attracting new business.

Corporate social responsibility is a huge part of this. Businesses today need to be mindful of not just what they are doing, but how they are doing it.

Imagine Foundation (IF) offers corporates a chance to establish clear, measurable, socially responsible goals that not only support community causes, but ultimately benefit the bottom line.

Gone are the days when corporations could hold on to supporters and their dollars by throwing them a toaster, a magazine subscription or coffee machine. Ironically, in an age of screen-to-screen connectivity, GenY wants real, actual ongoing connections with the Causes it is passionate about. . Ignore this and the ‘Google generation’ may just pass you by!

IF’s dynamic model gives businesses the tools to engage with their customers and employees by enabling them to support community causes and, in so doing, give back to the societies in which they operate.

Its underlying simplicity lies in assisting participating businesses to continue to conduct their normal business and, at the same time, establish their roles as corporate citizens.

IF provides an opportunity for corporates who want to make a real difference to easily do so, while at the same time retaining and growing their own support bases.

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