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Building lasting Relationships while enabling Social Good…

Imagine Corporation introduces sustainable fundraising streams that do not detract or divert from traditional charitable sources. We act as a ‘bank’ administering fundraising on behalf of participating Community Organizations. Our mission is to automate cause-related marketing in partnership with commercial enterprise and, in so doing, address identifiable social needs utilising points as the ‘fuel’.


The role of businesses is crucial. A key challenge for today’s executives is retaining and growing existing custom whilst at the same time attracting new business. This dynamic model provides forward thinking businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers and/or employees by enabling them to support community causes and, in so doing, give back to the societies in which they operate.

As more people become aware of the challenges faced by their fellow human beings, a movement is beginning that is rapidly gaining momentum. Imagine Foundation (IF) enables individuals to donate their unused loyalty points and air miles to the Causes of their choice! (or simply to donate cash). At the same time, socially responsible organisations can inspire their communities, their customers and employees to give back in a meaningful way to the Causes of their choice.

Given the choice, 1 in 4 loyalty program members would donate their points to charities and community initiatives.¹

1. For love or money 2015; Consumer research study taking the pulse on Australian loyalty programs and their impact on customer loyalty; The Loyalty Point

Now think about this…

Billions of dollars worth of retail loyalty points sitting idle on forgotten cards in wallets and purses. Going nowhere…

  • Imagine if your message Could become even more widely known in your community
  • Imagine if you could tap into a whole new fundraising stream
  • Imagine if you could gain access to valued experts to guide you along the way
  • Imagine if you could do so at an affordable cost tailored to meet your budget